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One of the most important considerations that go into wedding planning is the season that you will get married in. While the choice ultimately comes down to preference, professional wedding planners suggest considering all of your options. While most weddings are during the summer or around the holidays, autumn weddings have many benefits that aren’t often considered. You might just fall in love with the idea of an autumn wedding.

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No Frizz

On your wedding day, you want to look your absolute best. During the summer, brides will spend hours getting their hair done only to have it ruined by the humidity. By having your wedding during the fall, your hair will stay in place on your special day. Wedding planners suggest fall weddings to those who want to beat the frizz.

Better Chance for Clear Weather

Nothing can put a damper on a wedding like rain. People plan outdoor weddings during the spring and summer in hopes of a beautiful blue sky and sunshine, but are often disappointed by dark clouds or worse, rain. By having a wedding in early autumn, it is still warm enough to have the ceremony outdoors and you are less likely to get rained out. For outdoor weddings, wedding planners recommend fall, the season with the least precipitation.

Natural Color Palette

Wedding planners know the importance of the theme and color palette of a wedding, and fall provides absolutely gorgeous colors. You can complement the oranges, browns, and rust colors of the fall foliage with wooden centerpieces, wreaths of leaves, and warm lighting. This adds a unique flare and ambiance that the other seasons simply can’t match.

Autumn Vibes

The season you get married in dictates how your wedding will feel. As your guests walk over fallen leaves and breathe in the crisp air, they will be surrounded by the ineffable beauty of fall. Summer and spring weddings often feel hot and sticky and winter weddings can feel cold. Fall provides a perfect setting for romance.

Harvest Season

Fresh, organic, seasonal food has been a popular trend among wedding planners lately. Fall is harvest season, so you can get the very best fresh grown food. Picture maple-cured dates, butternut squash or apples all before an entree of meat served over polenta. There is a large variety of wonderful seasonal dishes to choose from. You and your guests can enjoy a delicious and unique cuisine that won’t soon be forgotten.

Less Expensive

With everything that goes into a wedding, the price tag can quickly add up. Summer is peak wedding season, and typically the most expensive. By planning your wedding after the summer ends, you can avoid higher costs from venues and vendors, allowing you to splurge a little more on the honeymoon! Also, travel can be less expensive during the fall, which your guests that live far away will surely appreciate. Finally, wedding planners can build a more elegant wedding with any excess budget.

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Long Dresses

The quintessential wedding gown is long, flowing, and worthy of a queen. During a summer wedding, these kinds of wedding dresses are often too hot and unmanageable for the weather. Also, long sleeves and jackets on the men make for a classier wedding than short sleeves or no jackets. It’s common knowledge among wedding planners that the best wedding wardrobes happen after summer.

Expert Wedding Planners and Much More

For the absolute best fall wedding, you will need great wedding planners, entertainment, and services. Versatile Event Designs provides all of these and more with an unparalleled organization, style, and grace. Our wedding photographers and videographers will work with the theme and color palette of your fall wedding to give you gorgeous photographs that you can cherish forever. For an amazing wedding any time of the year, contact us.


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