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With the clock ticking down to your wedding, you probably have a lot on your plate. What makes this even more difficult is how you also need to eat less off of your plate! Every bride wants to look stunning on their wedding night and fitting into their wedding dress is priority number one. But how exactly should a bride go about this? Crash diets,? Exercise 7 days a week?  The key is to work smarter and not harder. Let’s look into the most successful strategies for prepping your bod for the big day with these wedding fitness plans.

Toning Tips

While slimming down may seem like the most important part of wedding fitness plans, it doesn’t guarantee you will look your best. Sometimes losing too much weight may leave a bride looking gaunt and swimming in her dress. The key is getting toned. A toned body is more shapely and more likely to provide a better fit when slipping into your wedding gown on the big day . Resistance training is a great way to get toned quickly. This is when you lift dumbells or train with resistance bands. Do this 4 days a week, while working on a different set of muscles each day. Warm up and cool down with cardio exercises like jumping rope, sprints or kickboxing.

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It also helps to eat plenty of green vegetables to get toned quickly – they are low in calories, yet provide the energy you need to fuel  your training. Make sure to drink plenty of water, around 64 ounces a day, as it helps remove toxins and stomach bloating.

Worst Foods for a Wedding Diet

There are some foods that are the worst enemy to your wedding fitness plans. For example, alcohol is absolutely terrible for those looking to lose weight. Many alcoholic drinks are high in sugar, which speeds up the accumulation of body fat. Likewise, being intoxicated makes it much more difficult to avoid unhealthy food. Try to stick to 1 or 2 drinks per week if any.


This may seem obvious, but you should cut out fried foods entirely. Not only are they very high in calories, but fried foods can make the body sluggish, preventing you from exercising. Stay away from foods high in sodium – they cause water retention and bloating.

A common mistake brides make is switching to a salad diet that uses unhealthy dressing. Caesar salad may seem like a healthy alternative, but the dressing is high in fat and sodium. It’s best to stick with oil and vinegar or balsamic vinaigrette. Another diet wrecker that may be a surprise is the latte. A large latte contains almost one-third of the daily recommended fat intake for women. Add a vanilla shot and you have 380 calories and 14.5g of fat in each large cup. Go for black coffee instead.

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Nutrition Tips

With the right nutrients, your body has more energy to exercise and can burn fat more easily. Iron is an extremely important nutrient for wedding fitness plans, as it helps transport oxygen throughout the body. This gives you the extra energy boost you need to keep exercising. Calcium also plays a major role in weight management and warding off PMS. 800-1200 mg of calcium is the daily recommended dose. Finally, keep in mind that a healthy protein diet helps build lean muscle.

While You Carry Out Your Wedding Fitness Plans

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