Wedding Entertainment in NJ – Perks of a Friday Wedding

Planning for a wedding is a gigantic undertaking. The stress can be enough to turn even the most level-headed person into one of those dreaded “Bridezillas.” There are so many components to consider, and you want everything to be as close to perfect as possible. But what if your dream venue isn’t available when you need it? Or, maybe the venue is available, but your preferred caterer, photographer, or band isn’t available on that day. There is an easy way to avoid these possible headaches that you may have overlooked. When it comes to collaborating food, the venue, photography, and wedding entertainment in NJ, you might want to consider a Friday wedding.

Better Chance of Booking Your Venue

Saturdays are, without a doubt, the most popular day to get married. Look through the list of available dates at your dream venue, and you’ll no doubt be confronted with this reality. Popular venues can have Saturdays booked solid for months, or even years, in advance.

Wedding Entertainment in NJ - Perks of a Friday Wedding

Friday is a less popular day to get married. It’s still technically a weekday, which means the vast majority of people will overlook it in favor of the weekend. Choose to get married on a Friday and you’ll likely have much more flexibility with available dates. Many people looking at popular venues with Saturday availability will likely have to compromise on the time of year they’d like to get married, or else will have to wait for the next year to come around.

If you’d rather not compromise the venue or your preferred time of year for your wedding, getting married on a Friday can be a real perk. Plus, everyone gets to take a day off work!

Services Have More Availability and Lower Rates

Because Fridays aren’t as popular, you can often get all the same services for your wedding at discounted rates. Venues can be less expensive, and often you don’t need the same minimum number of guests in order to book. For example, a venue that may require a minimum of 250 guests for a Saturday might only require a minimum number of 150 on a Friday.

In addition, other services for your wedding often have lower rates for Friday events. You save a little extra while getting the same service for your caterer, wedding entertainment, and photographer.

Plus, just like your venue, these services are more likely to be available when you want them. Your favorite photographer, caterer, and ideal wedding entertainment are all more likely to be available. By conceding Saturday for Friday, it’s likely you won’t have to compromise so much on the other aspects of your special day.

Free Up the Weekend Schedule

Your guests initially may be hesitant when learning your wedding is on a Friday. They may be reluctant to take the day from work. In the long run, though, it actually frees up everyone’s weekend.

Wedding Entertainment in NJ - Perks of a Friday Wedding

Normally, a Saturday wedding means guests lose an entire weekend in order to attend. They arrive Friday night or Saturday morning. They attend the ceremony, then the reception on Saturday. Then, they gather briefly on Sunday for the final goodbye, all the while in a rush because they know that they have work the next morning.

A Friday wedding allows more transition time after the wedding is over. Everyone can relax a little more. Guests can let loose and blow off some steam at the Friday night reception. Saturday can be the day for a fun brunch, and guests can linger as long as they want. No one has to feel pressure to hurry home.

It also gives the newlyweds the opportunity to relax and spend time with friends and loved ones. By Saturday evening, everyone can head home feeling relaxed, because there’s still one more day left in the weekend. Those who are traveling as well as those who are local have that extra day to recuperate and finish any weekend to-dos before heading back to work on Monday.

Versatile Event Designs for Wedding Entertainment in NJ

Whether you’re getting married on a Friday or Saturday, Versatile Event Designs is your go-to for wedding entertainment in NJ. Our skilled team will handle your special event with care and efficiency. We offer a variety of services to help your wedding day be the ultimate success. Check out our portfolio for a sample of our experience, and contact us today!

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