Wedding Dress Trends to Consider – Finding The Perfect Dress

We all want our wedding day to be uniquely ours, however, it is always worth considering today’s hottest wedding dress trends. Looking at what’s popular can give a better sense of what dresses most fit your tastes and can serve as inspiration for your big day. It’s less about being ‘hip’ and more about learning how to find the perfect dress!

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Back Details

One of the more popular wedding dress trends happening now is a focus on back details to a dress. Back details are essentially any unique design on the back of a dress. They can include cutout backs, ‘keyholes’, very low backs or low backs with illusion lace. A keyhole dress is one where the back of the dress has a cutout in the center typically near the neck. A cut out back is typically the whole back. Dresses with illusion back details have transparent lace on the back, often accompanied by a design made of normal lace. Elegant straps across the dresses back and crystal-embellished backs are also trending right now. These beautiful dress designs will have you looking gorgeous from every angle.


For a feminine, flattering and elegant look, brides everywhere are looking to lace details. This treasured fabric has can be fashioned into clean and sleek designs as well as more glamorous ones. Lace can be used to make multi-layered designs to accentuate the bride’s form and fashion sense.


A blast from the more traditional wedding dresses of the past, sleeves are totally in right now. You may love the aesthetic of bateau neckline dresses with cap sleeves. These dresses have a high neckline in the front with sleeves extending only a short distance from the shoulder and tapering to nothing under the arm. Another popular design is wrist-length lace sleeves. Depending on your taste, lace sleeves can be transparent with designs or an elegant solid lace. For a more retro vibe, elbow-length sleeves are also making a comeback.

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Cool Blues

Are you looking to go outside the box? When we think of wedding dresses, white is typically the first and only color that comes to mind. Brides have always had to choose between the many shades of white, from eggshell to snowy to ivory. Now brides are expanding their choices by changing the color temperature of their white dress. A cool blue tinge to a white wedding dress accentuates your skin color, making any skin tone ‘pop.’ The blue tone looks great in photographs. A dress with a subtle blue tone won’t appear too out of the ordinary, yet you still get these benefits.

Unstructured Gowns

Many wedding dresses have corsets that give the dress a structure and accentuate the decolletage. For brides with a smaller bust line, this can cause an awkward fit, where the front of the dress looks ‘empty.’ This not only looks tacky but could require you to constantly lift up the slipping dress. This is why unstructured gowns are making a splash in today’s wedding dress trends.Unstructured gowns flow over the body, providing a more comfortable and better fit for certain body types.

Wedding Dress Trends and More!

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