Wedding Checklist from Engagement to the Big Day

Planning a wedding is a large endeavor. There are many moving parts and possibilities for complications, so preparation is a necessity. Creating a comprehensive wedding checklist is a great way to stay on top of everything. Organizing wedding planning into easily digestible tasks can help you accomplish everything in a timely manner and prevent you from becoming overwhelmed.

16 Months to 9 Months Prior

Some like to start earlier, but around 16 months before the wedding is a good time to start moving down your wedding checklist. Begin with making a wedding binder for inspiration. Fill it with photos and articles from wedding magazines for ideas on the direction you want to go in. Next, start working on a budget. Come up with something reasonable, as you may encounter extra fees down the line.

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This is also a great time to choose the wedding party and write the guest list. Give your groomsmen and bridesmaids ample time to clear their schedule so you are guaranteed to have all essential guests at your wedding. Next, spend time researching your venue before booking a date. Don’t forget to also book a venue for the rehearsal dinner.

Next, research and book the services you will hire for your wedding. These include photographers, videographers, florists, caterers, photo booth attendants, etc. Finding an expert multiple service event company is a great way to simplify this process and find talent all in one place. Finally, book an officiant and throw an engagement party to relax after all of that hard work.

Eight Months Prior

This is a good time to look for and purchase a dress. This is usually a big decision in itself so it is best to tackle this task first. Reserve hotel rooms for your guests and create a gift registry. Also, create a simple website and send the link to your guests. With these tasks off your wedding checklist, you can give yourself an extra month before getting back to work.

Six Months Prior

Now is the time to select the invitations and ‘save the dates’ for your wedding. You can go above and beyond by hiring a professional calligrapher to write individual cards or keep it simple and craft an elegant e-vite. Send out the ‘save the date’ letters and mark it off your wedding checklist.

With that out of the way, end your six-month benchmark with some fun stuff. Go shopping for bridesmaids dresses and give the bridesmaids ample time to get alterations. Finally, plan your honeymoon and make sure all passports are up to date.

Five to Four Months Prior

With the wedding quickly approaching, it’s time to mark more tasks off your wedding checklist. Select the hair and makeup artists after you have done research and compared their work. Pick out your shoes and start fitting your dress so you look great on your special day.

Music is a huge aspect of the mood of your wedding. Curate the playlist you want your entertainer to play and discuss it with them. The order of the songs affects the mood of a wedding, so keep that in mind. If you are short on ideas, an experienced DJ can work with you to create the best possible soundtrack. Finally, look for a cake and go to tastings to decide which one you like the most.

Three Months Prior

With three months left, it’s time to take care of toasts and readings. Pick out who you want to give a toast and who will do the readings during the ceremony. Choose the perfect readings and have the person delivering the toast run their speech by you. The will help avoid any embarrassing moments on your wedding day.

Finalize your plans with the florist and caterers now because certain flowers and foods are seasonal. Purchase your wedding rings around this time so you can resize them if necessary. Finally, touch base with the other vendors and send them your event schedule.

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Two Months Prior

After all of this hard work, you deserve an easier month of planning. To capture the perfect photographs of your wedding, meet with your photographer and discuss the artistic direction you want to go with. Sent out wedding invites and finally, go enjoy your bachelorette party, you’ve earned it!

One Month Prior

With one month left before the wedding, you should have received all RSVPs. Update your guest list and assign seating. This is also a good time to mail invites for your rehearsal dinner. Next, apply for a marriage license. This process can take up to six days, so make sure to get it done at the beginning of the month. Wrap up this section of your wedding checklist by writing your vows and purchasing bridesmaids gifts to hand out at the rehearsal dinner.

Week of the Wedding

With your wedding only a week away, it is time to double check everything. Confirm the arrival time with your vendors, check in with the photographers/videographers, send the final guest list to vendors and make all outstanding payments. Make a wedding day timeline for your bridal party so everyone is on the same page.

Finally, pick up your wedding dress and pack for your honeymoon! The big day is just around the corner!

Simplify Your Wedding Checklist

With all of the different services that a wedding requires, it is a great idea to hire a multiple services event company. Versatile Event Designs is your one stop solution to planning your perfect wedding. Our wide array of professional services cover everything from DJs to photographers. We cut no corners in delivering distinguished, high quality work. To mark off multiple tasks at once on your wedding checklist, contact us today.

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