Your Wedding –Should it be Big or Small?

There are so many decisions to make when you start planning your wedding. The size of your wedding is one of the first decisions you’ll make and it will impact so many other aspects of your event. Are you going to have a big wedding or a small one? When event planners ask couples this question, it is often answered with “Which is best?”

There is no right answer to this question. The best choice is the one that is right for you. When you envision your dream wedding, what do you see? A large extravagant affair or a small intimate gathering? Do you and your fiance have the same vision? Together, you will have to evaluate each option and come to a decision that will ultimately make you both happy.

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If You Choose a Big Wedding

When planning a wedding, the guest list can be a source of stress. A big wedding comes with a large guest list. You won’t spend time fretting over whether or not to invite a distant relative or your roommate from college. You will have the freedom to invite all of the people you love to share your special day with you.

A large guest list will also help avoid hurt feeling over exclusions from the guest list. Both families with the opportunity to include family and friends that are important to them.

If you want more of a party atmosphere, then a big wedding may be the way to go. Large weddings seem to have a natural sense of excitement. More guests typically translates into the reception lasting longer.

The choice of a big wedding may open up more venue options. Some venues are too large or don’t offer the same services for smaller party services and some will not host small parties at all. With a large venue, the menu selection and how the food is served will typically be larger as well. With a small guest list, venues may limit the options.

If you’re young and marrying for the first time or moving into a new home, your gift registry probably has a lot on it. While it may not be a reason to choose a big wedding, a large guest equals more gifts.

If You Choose a Small Wedding

A popular choice for couples who want a more intimate affair, a small wedding provides a lot of positive aspects. Many think a small wedding is the result of a small budget but that isn’t necessarily true.event designs company bensalem pa

Some brides, and grooms for that matter, are uncomfortable with the idea of being the center of attention. They would prefer not to share their special day with distant family they haven’t seen in years or distant “soon to be” relatives they’ve never met. Some couples would rather just be surrounded by a small, close circle of friends and family.

Different venue options are available for a small wedding that may not be conducive to a larger event. You will be able to be more creative when choosing a venue for a small wedding. You might pick a quaint Bed and Breakfast with a beautiful garden or maybe you’d prefer to be barefoot on the beach.

If you opt for a small wedding but have a big wedding budget, you might want to splurge on a spectacular wedding cake, an elegant sit down dinner or a wedding dress fit for Cinderella. With fewer guests, a destination wedding can also be a great choice.

Of course, your budget will have a significant impact but it won’t be the only factor to influence your wedding choices. Every couple is unique with their own personality and that is as important as the budget when deciding on the size as well as every other aspect of your wedding.

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