Ways to Surprise Your Fiance On the Big Day

Do you remember how much excitement there was on the day you got engaged? Whether you were the one doing the proposing or accepting the proposal, it was quite an experience. The fact that proposals are a surprise is a huge part of what makes them so special. One moment you are going about your day and the next you are embarking on a lifelong romantic journey. However, that excitement can fade a little bit once the stress of wedding planning comes into the picture. In order to bring some of that magic back into the equation, here are some ways to surprise your fiance on your wedding day.


Write a Love Journal

When you are planning your wedding and preparing for a new life with your significant other, you will likely be feeling a lot of emotions. This is why writing a love journal is one of the best ways to surprise your fiance. Write down your wedding vows, collect photos, write a poem or just let them know how you feel about them. On the wedding day, you can give them the gift of your love story.

Ring Engraving

By having your wedding bands engraved you can give your fiance a surprise right at the moment you tie the knot. Think of a song lyric that will remind them of your time together or a quote that you both hold dear to your hearts. When you present the ring to your spouse, they will be surprised by the gesture and be even prouder to slide it over their finger.

Plan a Private Moment

During your wedding day, it can feel like you never have a moment alone. You aren’t only getting married, you are also hosting a party for tons of friends and family. This can leave you scurrying about the entire day, not spending a second alone with your fiance. Plan out a special moment alone with your fiance to surprise them with. Ask them to step aside for a moment before the vows are exchanged and give them a small gift, go for a walk or even just sit down together and talk about how excited you are. This is one of those ways to surprise your fiance that doesn’t take much planning or effort but can go a long way in pulling you two closer together.

Breakfast in Bed

Breakfast in bed is an amazing surprise no matter what the occasion is. However, getting your fiance a surprise breakfast of their favorite food makes things even more special. They were already waking up to a great day and a delicious breakfast will make it even better.


This cute joke may be a bit played out, but the term “Oldie but a goodie” was made for a reason. Give your fiance a pair of socks on the morning of the big day. Give them a note that says “Just in case you get cold feet.” This is a cute way to address wedding day nerves and make a fun joke of it.

Groom’s Cake

The main cake at a wedding doesn’t often leave much room for quirkiness. Most of us choose on that fits the theme and aesthetic of the wedding, which doesn’t always make for the ‘funnest’ cake choice. Traditionally, the main cake is selected by the bride. It can be a fun little surprise to have a second, ‘groom’s cake’ that breaks the rules of what a typical wedding cake is. Some good choices could be a carrot cake, lemon meringue or even an apple pie. This is one of the ways to surprise your fiance that everyone can enjoy.


More Ways to Surprise Your Fiance

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