The Understated Elegance of a Rustic Wedding

For a wedding you will truly enjoy, pick a style for the event that matches your personality. While some may be drawn to the vacation vibe of a beach wedding, some of us are looking for something a bit more earthy and charming. For those of us who love the countryside and everything that comes with it, it’s a good idea to consider a rustic wedding.

The Right Wedding for You?

Maybe you have yet to consider rustic weddings as an option. How can you tell if this style will fit your personality and needs? First, are you (or your fiance) looking to let loose an ‘inner-cowgirl?’ Maybe you grew up riding horses, on a farm or simply love country music. You can swap out uncomfortable heels for stylish cowgirl boots. The King Ranch Saddle Shop has a wide selection that you can dance in all night long. A bride with cowgirl boots can showcase her individuality in style.

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And the western attire doesn’t have to stop with the bride. Boots for the bridesmaids, groom, and groomsmen add a nice rustic touch. King Ranch Saddle shop has options for men to express their style, too. Some men even even opt to pair their boots with a cowboy hat and a western belt.

Another question to ask yourself is whether or not you are interested in a venue with a natural setting. Wedding photography is especially beautiful when shot in an open field with a barn for the reception. The natural beauty of the setting sun over a field is matched by the low-key elegance of a wooden barn. Also, these types of venues are more flexible in terms of seating and design. You can spread out decorations and seating in ways that wouldn’t be possible in a small venue.

A Blank Canvas

While city folk might be overwhelmed with this concept, those of us with the country in our hearts will love the blank canvas that a large, rustic venue has to offer. With an open field and an empty barn, you have endless possibilities of how the venue could be decorated. You can adorn trees and plant life with hanging lights and you have plenty of space to set up a dance floor or stage for a band or DJ. Those interested in rustic weddings won’t be limited by the size of their venue so they can create the perfect atmosphere.

Historical Venues

By tying the knot with the person you love most in this world, you are writing down your own bit of history. With a rustic wedding, you can choose from venues that have a rich history behind them. You can go to a historic farm or tiny country church that signifies the timelessness of your upcoming marriage. Also, historic wedding venues have an ineffable feeling of the past meeting both the present and future.  


Plant life is a perfect addition to any wedding venue, but rustic weddings have away more opportunities for decorating with plants. The bright green grass of an open field, wild flowers and open gardens add a vibe to your wedding that is as vibrant as your love for your soon-to-be spouse. The outdoor space also gives you an opportunity to set up garden games like croquet and ring toss. The more outdoor activities you and your guests have to choose from, the warmer and more open the atmosphere of the wedding will feel.

It’s the Little Things

When it comes to a rustic wedding, it really is the little things that make it so special. Wooden ‘tree stump’ coasters are a nice touch to give that country feel. Keeping with the wooden vibe, an ivy covered wood ceremony arch goes a long way in establishing a rustic atmosphere to the ceremony. A sunflower bouquet offers a vibrant, rural replacement for typical flowers.

Ethereal lighting is another little thing that goes a long way. Hanging edison lamps from the ceiling of your venue or incorporating mason jar candles into your centerpieces can add a touch of elegance to a rustic wedding.

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Weddings sometimes have planned activities for guests such as a short boat ride or something of that nature. At your rustic wedding, offer guests a ride in a horse-drawn wagon. This not only adds to the atmosphere of the celebration, but your guests won’t soon forget it. Another simple way to decorate your wedding is by placing guest’s seating arrangement cards in a pine cone. These are the kind of small details that can bring a wedding to the next level.

The Perfect Rustic Wedding

Once you have made the decision to have a rustic-chic wedding, your journey has just begun. You need to find a venue, organize the details, and put everything into action. Versatile Event Designs has everything you need to plan the perfect wedding for you. We work directly with a wide range of venues and vendors, making it simple to coordinate wedding planning. We also have every service you would need such as entertainment, lighting, photography and more. Our expert wedding planners can work with you to create the wedding of your dreams. Contact us today to plan a beautiful rustic wedding.

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