Beautiful Brides – Trending Gowns 2018

On our wedding day, we want to look flawless. We want all of our best features to shine and our little imperfections to disappear. This is possible. In fact, this is a big part of what bridal gowns do. When you find the right dress, you will look stunning. Your beauty will be the center of attention and any flaws will be hidden.

The Bridal Gown

Many brides want to wear a certain dress. It fits well, it feels great and she just loves it. Except for one thing; it is white. Bridal experts hear this question often. “Do I have to wear a white wedding dress?”

This is an old tradition that has carried on for generations. White was the symbol of sexual purity. In modern days, most couples live together before marriage to see if they are compatible. They often include their children in the wedding. Wearing white as a sign of sexual purity may seem outdated for some couples.

Today’s bride can wear any color she wants to. Some brides wear a dress of a different color and dress their bridesmaids in white. There are times when the bride feels forced to wear white because her or his parents expect it. Champagne, ivory, or even a blush of pink will do.

In any event, this is your wedding and the only opinions that matter are those of the bride and groom.

Dress style

Understated and chic is the look for this year. The mermaid dress is still very popular but the A-line cut is pushing to the lead. The neckline is something that you need to speak to a professional about. A sweetheart neckline or a low cut lace front are good choices. However, many brides are opting for a bridal cape and many of them fasten around the neck, so some necklines may ruin the look. A higher neckline could work better, or opt for a train or cape that attaches to the back of the hair.

Flashes of color or basic black

The trend for this year is to add a shocking color somewhere. Brides in white gowns are using black ribbon belts with long black ribbon bows. Black gloves that come to the elbow or a black bridal cape add that shock. Of course, it doesn’t have to be black, but black and navy are the two main shockers for 2018.

Bridesmaids are getting their flash of color with shoes. If the bridesmaid is dressed in steel gray, she may have a coral shoe or, if she is dressed in navy, a shoe of red or light teal. Usually, when the bride allows the colored shoe, she allows the bridesmaid to select the shoe of her choice. They do not have to all be the same.


Oversized floral halos are popular this year, with huge oversized bouquets. The blooms are fully open and there is a lot of greenery. Bridesmaids are wearing smaller versions of the same.

The sheer gown

There is a trend this year of a wedding gown that is almost completely sheer. It is made of lace that barely covers the most sensitive areas of the body, but 90% of the body is exposed. If you have the body for that dress and you aren’t worried that your mother and father will faint, go for it. It is lovely and absolutely in style. But wear it at your own risk.

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