Top 6 Answers to your NJ Photo Booth Rental Questions

There are so many things to consider when it comes to setting up for a big event. How BIG do you want to go? What extras will you choose and what will be left in the frivolous pile? Whether it’s for your wedding or for your sweet sixteen, renting a photo booth can be a great addition to any celebration. A photo booth can be just the added touch you needed to get people having fun and remembering the night for years to come. What questions will you ask before renting an NJ photo booth?

Does the photo booth come with props?

Big sunglasses and a boa can make pictures of a photo booth all that more memorable and fun to look at. Spice up your NJ photo booth rental and make sure the rental comes with some fun props to get your guests even more excited about snapping some pictures.

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Can the photo strips be personalized?

Of course! Lots of NJ photo booth rental companies offer the ability to personalize your photostrips. Talk to the company ahead of time about putting the date and event at the top of the strip. If it’s a wedding you’re renting the photo booth for, maybe you want the bride and groom’s name at the top. Or if it’s for a birthday party, maybe you’ll want the birthday girl or boy’s name at the top with the date.

Is there an attendant helping with the photo booth?

Having an attendant on hand is very important when renting a photo booth, especially at events with younger children. The host of the party doesn’t need to be responsible for the ongoing functioning of the machine, nor do they need to worry about how many people are trying to cram in the machine. Leave these kind of worries up to the professionals. An attendant will help keep the line moving and even encourage some goofier faces in your pictures.

Can I receive a copy of all the pictures taken?

Don’t just assume your NJ photo booth rental company will provide copies of all the pictures snapped. Yes they usually do, but make sure ahead of time for peace of mind and assurance. These pictures will likely be available on a flash drive, a cd, or on the internet for you to go look at and order from whenever.

Do you offer a Guestbook?

Having a guestbook to accompany an NJ photo booth rental is a huge plus! And how fun! Weddings and other events typically have a guestbook at the reception, but a guestbook at the photo booth can be a more informal way for guests to post their pictures and even write a little note to the bride and groom or to the honorary person at the celebration. If the photo booth company doesn’t offer a guestbook, don’t hesitate to provide one yourself!

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How long should I rent the photo booth for?

Deciding how long to rent your photo booth for really depends on your event and how many guests are attending. For less than 100 people, it’s advised to only rent a booth for about 3 hours. If about 300 people are attending, you might want to even consider two booths for three to four hours. Your NJ photo booth rental company should be able to give you sound advice based on your budget and guest list.

Renting a photo booth is a great touch to any evening and is becoming highly popular especially at weddings nowadays. Keep the atmosphere light and the guests entertained, and make the night magical! Contact us at Versatile for any questions regarding photo booth rentals.

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