Top 10 Qualities You Want in Your PA Wedding Videographers

A wedding video is something special, and wedding guests in Pennsylvania (PA) and the brides and grooms themselves love to have this type of keepsake to look back on after the big day.

For more information on where you can find the best PA wedding videographers, contact a leading event coordinator to find out how you can get a consultation.

In the meantime, when hunting for the best PA wedding videographers, keep in mind the following qualities you’ll want to look for in a videographer for your big day.


They do what it takes to get the best shot.

You want a wedding videographer that will do what it takes to get the best shot – you don’t want a videographer who might be too afraid to take one step closer to the altar for fear of disrupting the ceremony.

They have the patience to wait for that special moment.

Sometimes it takes a bit of time to get to that special moment on your special day. Good PA wedding videographers will have the patience to wait for your special moment, not walking away from the shot too soon.

You want a great portfolio.

When looking for your wedding videographer, take the time to check out their portfolio to see the types of shots, the feel and the quality of previous wedding videos that you’ve done. Find someone who has the right style for you.


You want someone who will capture the event, not let their ego dominate it.

Capturing the event and stepping too far over bounds are two experiences between which exists a thin line. Don’t choose a wedding videographer who’s ego will dominate your big day, choose someone who can be upfront, but blend into the background.

Understands the meaning of a client relationship.

Videographers are artists, and sometimes they can forget the true meaning of a client relationship – they’re at your big day to create a wedding video that will be the best for you.

Someone who blends into the background and can relate to your guests.

If you hire someone who can get along with the crowd, there’s a better chance that the crowd won’t freeze up and get nervous every time the video camera gets close to them. If they are good at blending into the background, your guests might not even notice in the first place.

Good PA Wedding Videographers have the ability to stumble and recover during a live event.

Sometimes bad things happen – a guest can trip over a video cord, equipment can be damaged, or embarrassing events can occur at an event. Good PA wedding videographers will have the ability to recover after this mix-ups on your wedding day.

You want someone who can optimize their opportunities for great moments.

The wedding videographer is there to capture the great moments of your wedding. Hire someone who will be able to optimize their ability to capture these moments.14535402687_cb525b26b1_b-1024x683

Someone who has a vision for their work and for your event.

Before they come to the wedding, your videographer should have an idea in mind of what they final product is going to look like. Talk to them beforehand so they can get a feel for your personality and what you envision for your big day.

You want to feel your special wedding day feeling when it’s over.

Great wedding videographers will be able to make your wedding day feel special again and again – even after it’s over. Their videos will capture the magic of the event and bring it back to life multiple times for you and your family.

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