The 6 Most Important Questions to Ask your Wedding Photographer in NJ

In the months of preparation before your wedding day, your head will be buzzing with facts and figures, dates and numbers. It’s important to do you best to keep it all straight and to remember to ask the right questions, especially when it comes to your wedding photographer. Having the photographs to decorate your home and to remember the beautiful day is so very important. So make sure you choose the best photographer who you know will be easy and accommodating to work with. The following are some good questions to ask when shopping for a wedding photographer in NJ:

1. How Many Weddings Have you Photographed?

Whenever you hire someone for a professional job, whether it’s a plumber or a photographer, it’s important to know his or her experience. You don’t necessarily want to be the guinea pig of a budding wedding photographer. And when asking about experience, it’s important to note not only the number of years they have been photographing, but the number of weddings they have shot as well. Do your research, it will pay off!

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2. Do you Have an Assistant?

Knowing whether or not your wedding photographer will have an assistant is an important question for weddings with a guest list of over 50 guests. Your wedding photographer cannot be everywhere at once. However, it’s only natural to want every moment possibly captured when it comes to your big day. So review your guest list, and discuss with the wedding photographer if just one assistant is enough.

3. Can I Get a Copy of our Contract?

Not all wedding photographers may go through the formality of a contract. But it’s a wise thing to do when it comes to finalizing numbers, times, and plans for your wedding day. In fact, if you wedding photographer doesn’t typically write contracts, try and persuade one to be written for this occasion. It’s a good precautionary step to take. A contract is also a good place to include answers to the what if’s. What if the wedding photographer falls sick on the day of your wedding or what if you want the photographer to stay a bit longer than originally planned. These solutions should be outlined in the contract, so on the day of your wedding none of those worries need to be discussed.

4. What Equipment Do you Use?

The answer to this question may not mean a lot to those not fully versed in cameras, lenses, and lighting,  but go ahead and ask it regardless. Test your potential wedding photographer’s knowledge a bit and have them explain why certain equipment will be good to use on your special day.

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5. How do you Handle Post-Production of the Photos?

For most wedding photographers in NJ, the photography process does not end once the photos are shot. They must then be edited and perfected, and whatever effects may be used to do this post-production should be used across the board on all of the pictures for a uniform look. So before hiring a wedding photographer, make sure they include post-production in their services!

6. How Long After My Wedding Will I Acquire Access to the Pictures?

Wedding photographers can take anywhere from 2 weeks to 6 months to get your pictures process, edited, and up online or in your hands. For those of you with a strict deadline of when you would like to see your pictures post-wedding, make sure to know ahead of time when your photos will be available. This is something that could be included in your contract as well.

When it comes to your wedding day, you deserve the best wedding photographer out there. So ask the right questions and come to the right place. Contact us at Versatile Events to hire a fantastic and experienced wedding photographer for your upcoming ceremony and reception.

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