Spring Wedding Requests For Your Wedding Photographer NJ

Spring is a majestic time of year. Flowers are blooming, the weather is warming up, and nature is coming back to life. The only thing that could make spring more magical is if you are getting married. Spring is an amazing time to have a wedding, and an even better time for wedding photography. After your spring wedding, you are going to want to look back at photos of the pivotal day and relive its beauty. In order to get the absolute best wedding photography, you can mention the following tips to your wedding photographer NJ.

Play Around With Natural Light

Most photographers understand the importance of lighting in taking a beautiful photograph. However, many photographers like to play it safe when it comes to weddings so they follow a specific formula that may not include playing with natural light. Make sure to request some light-play in your photos.

When you are planning your wedding or wedding photography shoot, timing is key. During the spring, the sun will be low in the southern sky, but with daylight savings, the sky will stay light until much later in the evening. If you want to get the absolute best photos out of your wedding photographer NJ, make sure that you have plenty of time to take advantage of the best lighting the outdoors has to offer.

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Choose The Best Location

Springtime is vibrant and filled with a rainbow of color palettes to capture in your wedding photos. Spring is typically associated with pastel colors, but a skilled wedding photographer NJ can provide you with a choice of locations to suit your needs. You can choose wooded backgrounds, bright green fields, or you can take a ride to the beach. If you are having all of your wedding photos taken on your wedding day, choose a venue that will provide a beautiful backdrop for your wedding photos.

Aside from the colors associated with each location, different backgrounds dictate the photo’s personality. Are you and your fiance nature lovers who fell in love on a hiking trip? Let your photographer know so they can find a wooded landscape that tells the story of your relationship. If you have a location in mind, don’t be afraid to mention it. Take control of your wedding photos by conceptualizing what you want to say about your relationship and choose a background that is perfect for you.

Have a Plan B In Place

Although spring is an amazing time of year, it can be quite unpredictable. That sunny day at the beach you envisioned could turn into a cloudy and windy mess, throwing off the direction of your photographs. This is why you always need to have a plan B in place. A cloudy day might ruin photos in an open field but could improve the lighting of a wooded area. Or you might enjoy an indoor location when a rainy day strikes.

Remember a plan B is only possible if you have enough time to go through with your changed plans. If you only set aside a short amount of time to shoot, anything that goes wrong could cause major problems. You put so much into your wedding, don’t let amazing photos escape you by not having a well thought out backup plan.

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Choose the Right Wedding Photographer NJ

While knowing these tips is important, they won’t be a concern if you are in the hands of an experienced and talented wedding photographer NJ.

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A Versatile wedding photographer will know where, when, and how to shoot the perfect wedding photos for you. Let your spring wedding come to life by calling Versatile Event Designs today.

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