Popular Wedding Trends for the In Vogue Couple

Are you and your fiance always up on the latest trends? If you two are always wearing the latest fashion and listening to the newest music, why shouldn’t your wedding be just as hip? This year, there are some great trends that can elevate your special day to new heights. Check out some of the most interesting wedding trends happening now.

Vibrant Colors

This is one of those things that falls in and out of popularity and, this year, is in! More and more couples are choosing warmer colors, brighter pinks, purples, and blues. Colors that highly contrast each other are also making a comeback, such as bright pinks and greens or yellows and oranges. It can be spectacular to expand your color palette into unexpected territory and really give your wedding a vibrant touch.  


Dramatic Backdrops

Wedding photography and videography has become an integral part of any wedding and is barely considered optional anymore. Because of this, more couples have begun to focus on the backdrops that they will be married in front of. This includes scenic venues, macrame wall hangings with flowers, large murals, large wooden structure, and intricate lighting. In order to get that dramatic photograph or video, careful consideration of backdrops has become paramount.

Unique Invitations

Sending out unique wedding invitations has also very popular among this year’s wedding trends. In order to get their guests excited for the big day, couples are sending out invitations with things like intricate calligraphy and customized wax stamps on materials like felt or etched plexiglass. If you want a truly memorable wedding, the invitation is the perfect place to start.

Next-Level Photo Booths

Photo Booths have been solidified in recent years as a necessity for any wedding or big event. Photo booths have recently made a huge leap forward in what they are capable of, and this translates to a whole lot of fun on your big day. Now, these photo booths have filters, GIF-makers, dramatic lighting and can even create scrapbooks instantly. In comparison to the red of the wedding budget, going with one of these advanced photo booths isn’t even that expensive.

Local Eats

So many weddings use venue-provided catering services. While this is very convenient and reliable, it is not the most memorable way to feed your guests. One of the new wedding trends is choosing a local business for catering. Picking a local eatery for your wedding can add a bit of charm to the experience and many of your guests will already know what they are in for.

‘Fun’ Food

Another popular wedding trend that has popped up is including ‘fun’ foods to the list of appetizers. While you can still offer fancier appetizers, it can be fun to add little cups of french fries, mini pizzas and other less-than-healthy options that will satisfy those with a heartier appetite. This also adds a homey, down-to-earth vibe that can make a wedding feel special.


Creative Signs

Sometimes the little details are the ones that are most memorable. A small thing that has become a recent trend is getting creative with signage. Rather than a boring sign that reads “This way to the ceremony,” people are putting romantic quotes on materials like slate, acrylic, mirrors and even old records in order to give the sign a personal touch.

The Experts of Wedding Trends

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