Wedding Myths Debunked – Planning a Wedding In the Real World

We all want a fairytale wedding, but we need to remember that it is just that, a fairytale. Throughout our lives, books, television, and pop culture sculpted our concept of what a wedding is and how it should be. This has led to the formation of wedding myths that can be upsetting and overwhelming. By debunking these myths, you can get a realistic sense of how your wedding should go as well as reduce the stress of planning a wedding.

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You’ll Cry

We’ve seen it in every movie and jewelry commercial – From the proposal to walking down the aisle, the tears of joy are supposed to flow. But what if you don’t cry? Are you heartless? Absolutely not. This is a wedding myth that can bum you out if you take it too seriously. Everyone processes their emotions differently. Don’t feel pressured to turn on the waterworks just because you are ‘supposed’ to.

It’s Your Day!

We’ve all heard this one. In a perfect world, a wedding day is all about the bride and the groom. In the real world, however, this isn’t entirely true. If your friends and family have supported and helped kindle the relationship you have with your fiance, you owe it to them to show your appreciation. Checking up on guests and making sure they are enjoying themselves is not only an appreciated gesture, but it can improve the overall vibe of the wedding. While it is your big day, it is also an important milestone for those close to you.

“It’s not a Wedding Without…”

Whether it be the white gown or the bouquet toss, there are many traditions to consider when planning a wedding. While traditions have their place, you don’t need to follow every last one in order to have a ‘real’ wedding. For example, many people are not so fond of the bouquet toss because of the potential of an awkward scramble or even an injury.

Sometimes the groom’s ‘side of the aisle’ is much bigger than the bride’s or vice versa. This doesn’t mean one side of the wedding needs to be awkwardly packed in for the sake of tradition. The beauty of weddings is the unique bond formed between individuals. While planning a wedding, if a tradition doesn’t fit your vision or personality, skip it!

One-Year Engagement

Who comes up with these rules anyway? Because there is a standard of a one-year engagement, that doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with increasing or decreasing that length of time. Some people want a simple, small and intimate ceremony that does not require an entire year of planning a wedding. Others want an extravagant wedding that could be overwhelming to plan in a single year. It’s your engagement, do what’s best for you.

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You Become a Control Freak

How many times have you seen a frantic bride obsessing over every single detail while planning a wedding on reality TV? This myth could have you dreading planning a wedding and wondering “Is that going to be me?” What people don’t mention is that there are talented and thoughtful wedding planners out there who can organize a truly magical wedding without stressing you out. If you are completely overwhelmed, let someone else take control. If you find the right wedding planner, you can avoid the stress altogether.

Planning a Wedding Perfect for You

Hopefully, debunking these wedding myths can take a little pressure away from planning a wedding. If you are still feeling overwhelmed, consider hiring an expert wedding planner. Versatile Event Designs has absolutely everything you need to plan the perfect wedding without the stress.

We are celebrating our 35th year in business and our event specialists have the experience and knowledge to help any client with venues and vendors based on their wedding dreams! We work with clients to achieve their vision and assist with any services they may need. Contact us today.

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