The Many Benefits of Weekday Weddings

Your wedding is a special day, but have you considered making it your special weekday? Most weddings fall on the weekend, but weekday weddings have many benefits that are definitely worth considering. Open up options, save money, and keep the party going with an intimate weekday wedding.


Getting married means starting a new life with the person you love the most in this world. Wouldn’t you like to start that new life with a few extra bucks in your pocket? Most of the services a wedding requires have weekday packages that are more affordable than weekend services. The wedding ceremony and reception venues typically offer reduced fees and lower food and beverage minimums as well. Weekday weddings can also benefit your guests, as flights, hotels, and rental cars are all less expensive during the week. Weekday weddings can save you money that is much better spent on your honeymoon.

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More Options

There is nothing more desirable than a picture perfect wedding. Unfortunately, wedding venues, photographers, florists, etc often get overbooked, putting a damper on your plans. Weekday weddings open up your options and give you a better chance to book everything you desire. This also allows you to plan ahead if you have a specific wedding date in mind. Maybe your parents got married on a Wednesday and you always dreamed of doing the same. Weekday weddings open up options and can make your wedding planning a little less stressful.

Extend Into the Weekend

Weekend weddings often have many activities jammed into a very short period of time. This increases stress and doesn’t give you enough time to enjoy the moment. With a weekday wedding, you can stretch the party into the weekend. By having a rehearsal dinner or brunch on the weekend, you can give yourself some extra time to have fun enjoy the experience.


Not everyone wants to have a large, lavish wedding and would prefer a more intimate ceremony. However, it can be difficult leaving important people in your life out of the event. Since most people work from Monday to Friday, having a weekday wedding is a guilt-free way of cutting down the guest list. Intimate weddings are less stressful as well as less expensive than large weddings.

Vendor Attention

Wedding vendors are typically very busy companies. They usually have multiple weddings and events booked for the same day. During the weekdays, vendors are freed up and can focus all of their attention on providing the best service possible. Good vendors will always be on the top of their game, however, weekday weddings make it easier for them to do so.

Your Wedding Won’t Clash With Popular Events

Just as much as you want to enjoy your own wedding, everyone wants their guests to have a good time. When you are walking down the aisle, you don’t want guests wishing they were at a major sporting event or party. A weekday wedding won’t clash with major events so your guests won’t have any fear of missing out and can enjoy themselves in the moment.

Weddings are Always Special Days

If you are still skeptical about having a weekday wedding, keep in mind, weddings are always fun. Your wedding is going to be a special day regardless of where it falls during the week. Any guests that can’t make it will not hold it against you, and you definitely won’t mind the extra money in your wallet. When planning your wedding, remember that it is your day and you should do what’s best for you.

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The Best Service for Weekday Weddings

Regardless of the day you choose to have your wedding, you are going to need quality entertainment, photography, videography, etc. Versatile Event Designs is your one stop shop for wedding services. Each service is delivered with passion, creativity, and commitment to making your wedding perfect. Contact Versatile Event Designs today to get started on planning your weekday wedding!

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