How to Light up the Dance Floor with the Best Wedding DJ

Your wedding day will be one of the biggest, most memorable days of your life. The wedding ceremony itself can be a solemn, heartfelt, and even tearful part of the day. But after the vows are said and kisses had, it’s time to eat good food and get the party started. Preparing for a wedding takes months and months of meticulous planning and it’s time the wife and groom along with their guests, had a chance to let loose and have some fun.

Music is key in keeping any atmosphere warm and lively. The same goes for the atmosphere at your wedding reception. You have to keep your guests movin’ and groovin’! So, take your time in choosing the best DJ for your wedding reception and remember these important points when making your selection.

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To have a truly lively, exciting wedding have the music going as soon as guests begin arriving in the banquet hall. When signing your contract with a wedding DJ make sure to outline exactly how long you will be playing for his/her services. You never want the music to be cut off earlier than expected.

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The main advantage of booking a DJ over a live band is that you have a lot more say in your selection of songs. A wedding DJ is there to make your experience as positive and as easy as possible. Providing a general playlist ahead of time may be smart to get exactly what you want. The guest list of a wedding reception can range from your 90-year-old great grandmother to your 5- year- old cousin, so keep in mind the music tastes of everyone. But also remember the being a DJ is this person’s profession, and as long as you’ve done your research and chosen wisely, you can leave some of the music selection in their hands. Your wedding DJ has likely been to a lot more weddings that you and knows what songs guests tend to like, and which songs are best to flow into others.


Some bride and grooms are looking for more than just music, they’re looking for a presence. Inquire into whether your potential wedding DJ offers lighting or video screens. Some venues may provide all the light you need, but if it seems it may be lacking go ahead and ask for some examples and about the cost. Some people may be going for more of a “club” atmosphere others may want more of a romantic vibe, but lights can go a long way in exuding whatever presence you want.

Video screens are also a new popular extra to have around a dance floor. Video screens are there to add a little extra “umph” to the awe of your reception. And besides not everyone can always get a good look at the dancefloor during the important first dances. Photos will scroll on the video screen of past memories of the couple and maybe even childhood pictures of each. It’s a nice way to personalize the reception and remember the timeline of these two, and how their lives came to be intertwined. These extras may sound fabulous to some and frivolous and distracting to others. Just remember that this is your day and don’t be afraid to be honest with your wedding DJ. The entertainment deserves to be just your style.

A wedding DJ will give all of your wedding guests a fun, engaging night that they’ll never forget, so take your time in choosing the right one that will fit all of your needs. For any questions or hiring needs for your upcoming wedding contact us today at Versatile!


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