Event Design Company – Why You Should Consider A Winter Wedding

When people think about winter, they commonly imagine cold temperatures, long nights, snow, ice, and freezing rain. It’s generally not the first choice when trying to pick a wedding date. However, winter weddings can hold a lot of charm and shouldn’t be counted out too soon. In fact, they provide a lot more options in terms of venue, decor, and the event design company. Before you rule it out, consider the advantages of a winter wedding.

Less Competition

Vendors, venues, planners, and entertainment companies generally hit a slow period in the winter, especially after the holidays. Having your wedding during that slow period means you’ll have a lot less competition when compared with the spring or summer. Venues are less likely to be booked, which means you can find agreeable dates more easily.

In order to fit into the busy summer season, many couples squeeze into a Friday date, which means some guests may not be able to attend. Friday weddings can have their own benefits, but they may not work for everyone. Winter schedules typically allow much more freedom, so you have more options to choose from. In addition, you may get a better deal when booking your venue and event design company because business is slower.

Plus, because there’s less to do in the winter, your guests are less likely to have scheduling conflicts.

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Opportunity For Creativity

Winter weddings provide the opportunity to get creative with your wedding. Cooler temperatures mean you can add unique accessories to the wedding attire, like shrugs or wraps for the ladies, or scarves for the men!

You can tastefully incorporate scarlet and evergreen colors without seeming too tacky, such as pairing roses and holly or fir in arrangements. If red and green aren’t your thing you can also go with white and blue motifs. In addition, metallic sheens like gold and silver are also seasonally appropriate, as well as natural elements like pine cones, boughs of fir, and wood accents. Using snowflakes and icicles as an inspiration, you can incorporate glass or crystal in the venue decoration as well.

Your event design company can apply these motifs to the lighting and entertainment aspects of your reception. White string lights, candles, cinnamon scents, and classic winter songs can be a wonderful way to get everyone into the spirit of the season. You can also warm your guests up with some spiced cider or hot tea in a customized wedding mug.   

Unique Photo Ops

The winter backdrop provides a refreshing change for your photographer and event design company. Set yourself apart from the rest with some great photos incorporating the beautiful winter scenery.

Cold temperatures generally mean crisp blue skies when the sun is out, or a beautiful winter wonderland if you’re lucky enough to have snow on the ground. The natural scenery can be just a beautiful in the winter as it can be in the summer, so take advantage of it! You can even use the warm glow of candles, streetlights, or string lights after the sun goes down. Plus, you and your party won’t have to worry about sweating it out underneath the hot sun during the photographs.  

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Winter Is a Time for Family

Whether it’s because of the holidays, or it’s the cold chill in the air, the winter makes us want to come closer to our friends and loved ones. It’s a time for family, community, and friendship. What better way to celebrate all the togetherness than by having two sets of friends and family come together and unite as one? A wonderful winter wedding can be a great reprieve in the middle of the cold and dreary months.  

The Event Design Company for Your Dream Winter Wedding

So, you’ve settled on a vision for your ideal winter wedding. Now you need the perfect event design company to help bring it to a reality! Look no further than Versatile Event Designs. No matter the season, our experienced team will work to make your dreams a reality. We offer a variety of services to help design the perfect wedding for you. Don’t hesitate – get in touch with us today!

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