Choosing the Right Style for your Wedding Entertainment

Weddings nowadays have some sort of theme to them–even if it’s as basic as a color scheme. It’s important to have a consistent theme to make the ceremony and reception appropriately flow and to best represent you and your significant other. This is a celebration of the two of you, and it should feel as such! When choosing colors and flowers and even entertainment, it all is a lot more related than you might guess. In fact, everything needs to be considered both in a broad sense, and a very minute detailed sense. This is how to start finding the right style for your wedding entertainment:

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Have a Vision

You may have been envisioning your wedding day for years, but now is the crunchtime. What look and feel are you going for? And what time of day is your wedding and reception? Is it inside or outside? This plays a big part in the style and vibe of a wedding. For example daytime outside weddings are bound to have more of a casual, light vision, while an evening wedding with a nighttime ceremony is bound to be at least partly indoors and to have more of a romantic feel.

Think Creatively

It’s likely you’ve been to tons of friends and family members’ weddings. You’ve seen it all and you want your celebration to feel at least a little bit different. To do so, choose a unique style for your wedding entertainment and cater to your guests. For example, if you are hosting an outdoor reception and have allowed kids to come, maybe include some games or activities that kids can participate in while their parents mingle among themselves. If you want to get really crazy a bouncy castle could be a super fun idea — but should probably be saved for summer weddings if the reception is held outdoors. If you have some more adventurous guests coming it might even be fun to hire some magicians or fire artists to really spice up the ceremony. But again, this is your reception and it can be as simple or as complex as you want it to be. Just make sure to take control and hire a professional to help you set the right mood if you need the help.

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Consider Your Guest List

Besides time of day of your wedding and reception, it is very important to also consider the amount of guests on your guest list. Is this an intimate wedding with only about 50 people? Or is it a 300+ guestlist? For a smaller setting, it may work to just have one singer who will perform acoustically half of the night and a DJ for the other half of the night. For a larger wedding, it may be better to either hire a DJ for an extended time, as well as some other forms of entertainment. With a bigger crowd, it’s important to be able to have a good way to entertain and a loud enough way to entertain. A DJ is great way to excite your guests, but make sure to meet the DJ ahead of time to review a music playlist and to get a feel for the DJ’s personality. You want to ensure all of your guests feel comfortable and have fun.

Whether you want a relaxed Boho feel, or a techno party atmosphere for your wedding reception, the style is all in your hands. Hiring a professional can take some of the pressure off of trying to develop the style of your wedding entertainment all on your own. Contact us today at Versatile and we’ll not only help supply you with the best wedding entertainment, we’ll also help plan step by step plans for your reception.

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