Booking a Venue | Why You Should Hire a Wedding Planner

It hits you when you first start to come down from the excitement of getting engaged – you actually need to plan a wedding! First thing’s first, you need to pick a venue. However, booking a venue is not as easy as one might think. There are many moving parts and things to consider which can be quite overwhelming. Thankfully, you can hire a professional wedding planner to book the perfect venue.

Understanding Logistics

Can you estimate the size of a room needed to fit 100 guests? Can you visualize what a property will look like in the winter while it’s the middle of the summer? Chances are, you don’t understand many of the details and logistics that go into booking a venue. Professional wedding planners only need a rough estimate of your guest list in order to tell you which venues are too large or small for your wedding guests. They also have been to nearby wedding venues so many times that they can tell you how they look throughout the year.

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Wedding planners also know the important logistical questions that the average person might not think to ask when booking a venue. For example, does an outdoor wedding venue have a backup space in the case of rain? Is there wheelchair access? Is there air conditioning and what does the lighting look like at night? An experienced wedding planner will likely know the answer to these questions to help you in your decision.

Full-Service Venues

Did you know that not every wedding venue is full service? A full-service venue can supply everything from chairs to catering supplies while partial service venues only offer the space, leaving the rest up to you. This can make it difficult to calculate the value of a venue. A professional wedding planner can provide helpful estimates of what your wedding would cost at a full-service venue compared to a partial service venue where you foot the rest of the bill.

Style & Ambiance

Wedding venues come in all shapes and sizes. There are venues at elegant vineyards, rural farmlands, industrial lofts, and much more. If you have a particular style and feel you want for your wedding, your venue needs to match it appropriately. By allowing a wedding planner to take care of booking your wedding, you can simply tell them what you are looking for and they will take care of the rest. Professional wedding planners have extensive experience with different wedding styles and will know the best venue for you.

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Answering Questions

If you are like most people planning for a wedding, you are going to have a bunch of questions. Luckily, a wedding planner can ease your mind by providing you with all the information you need. They can tell you how many weddings are held at a venue per year, how far in advance the venue needs to be booked, and they may tell you about things you never thought to ask. When booking a venue, a wedding planner can offer the answers you need to avoid any surprises on the big day.

Booking a Venue Through the Experts

When booking a venue, make sure you have an experienced and talented wedding planner to help. Versatile Event Designs has the vast experience to match the theme, style, and budget to the perfect venue for any bride and groom. We only work with the top venues in the business that we personally book for our own events. Aside from our expert wedding planning services, we can also provide entertainment, photographers, and so much more. To pick the perfect wedding venue, contact Versatile Event Designs today.

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