Top 5 Strategies for Picking the Best Music Playlist for your Bar Mitzvah DJ

Music can really make a party. That’s why hiring a DJ is so important. But what’s also important is being able to incorporate your own music input. So when it comes to your Bar Mitzvah take some time and follow these strategies for picking the best music playlist for your guests.

Avoid Foul Language

When picking out songs for your Bar Mitzvah playlist, be aware of the lyrics of the song…not just the beat. Curse words and crude language can be a real mood killer especially at an event based in religion and solemnity like a Bar Mitzvah.

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Know Your Audience

Your parents may have given you the green light when it comes to picking out the playlist for your Bar Mitzvah DJ, but remember to keep in mind the musical tastes of your guests as well. Yes, there will be friends your age there who are sure to like the same music, but your parents will also be there and probably even your grandparents. And they may not want your Bar Mitzvah turning into the scene of the next popular hip-hop video.

Besides, playing older and newer songs is something that can be fun for everyone. Older songs can get everyone involved, and maybe even generate a couple sing-a-long moments for the crowd.

Incorporate a Good Variety

When choosing songs for your music playlist, remember that variety is key! Don’t let your audience get bored with ten slow songs in a row, keep your guests unable to guess what will come next. It’s also a good way to appeal to all of your guests. Everyone doesn’t have the same taste in music, and that’s what keeps our world fun and interesting. So pick some songs out of your comfort zone that you know others may really enjoy.

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Prioritize your Playlist

A big thing to remember when it comes to writing a preliminary playlist for your Bar Mitzvah DJ is to consider how much time you actually have. It’s natural to get a bit excited about writing your playlist, but ten hours of music is a bit too much! Remember songs typically last around 3-4 minutes, so allow for about four hours of music, or however long you have asked your Bar Mitzvah DJ to entertain.

Along the same vein is prioritizing. One of your favorite songs may be the last on the list, and unfortunately never played during your special night. Don’t let that happen. Give your Bar Mitzvah a top ten or fifteen list of songs you HAVE to hear at some point during the night. That way you won’t find yourself in any state of disappointment post party.

Give your Bar Mitzvah DJ Some Wiggle Room

It’s very important to express the type of music you like and to provide your DJ with a preliminary list, but remember also that you hired a DJ for a reason. They know what people like! And they do this almost every weekend. So leave a bit of your trust with your Bar Mitzvah DJ. He or she will not only have a good idea of what people like, but he or she may also have a better sense of timing when it comes to when to play which song, and which song flows best into another song.

It’s important to choose the right playlist, and it’s also important to choose the right DJ. So make the steps to do your research and find a reliable DJ. Contact us today at Versatile to hire one of our DJ’s for your Bar or Bat Mitzvah. We will work with you to give your guests the best entertainment out there!

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