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At the end of the year, many companies like to hold events where they recap everything that happened with the business in the last 12 months. The larger the company, the bigger the venue, the bigger the venue, the harder it is to keep everyone engaged with the presentation. By renting Audio/Visual equipment for your end-of-year recap, you can create a memorable presentation that exudes professionalism. Let’s explore the many benefits of AV equipment rental services for corporate events.

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High-Quality Equipment

Anyone who has ever walked into a camera store knows that video and audio equipment isn’t cheap, let alone the price of high-end models. With AV equipment rental services, you can get high-end equipment that vastly improves the quality of a presentation. If you think a cheap camera, projector, and some small speakers is enough to create a professional presentation, you are in for a rude awakening.

Even if your audience knows nothing about video or audio, they will still be able to pick up on the lack of professionalism. Businesses are only as strong as their shareholders perceive them to be. If you are trying to prove the worth of your business with a presentation, you want it to be as impressive as possible. With AV equipment rental, this becomes simple.

On-Site Tech Support

This is another great, and often essential aspect of renting A/V equipment. Preparing a presentation is difficult enough. By adding the labor of setting up and operating lighting, speakers, microphones, projectors and more, you can quickly become overwhelmed. Most reputable A/V equipment rental companies offer on-site tech support to help your presentation look professional and run smoothly. Stick to your talking points and topics and let the A/V company take care of the rest.

Reach Your Audience

Have you ever watched someone try to make an announcement or give a speech with no microphone? It could make you cringe just thinking about it. In order for a presentation to be successful, it needs to be clear, concise, and most of all, you need to be able to hear it.

By utilizing AV equipment rental services, you have access to top-of-the-line speakers that are loud enough to reach the back row of any venue. You can also rent high definition projectors so your presentation is crisp on the screen. This equipment helps you take command of the room and allows your viewers to focus on what matters – the information being delivered.

Capture the Moment, Remember the Info

Most year-end business recaps contain a lot of information which is often financial and packed with numbers. If your audience is inundated with countless statistics and figures, it is likely they will only remember the highlights of the presentation. Year-end recaps are designed to help employees learn from mistakes and prepare for the next year of business. If they only remember 10 percent of the information, the whole endeavor becomes pointless.

With AV equipment rental services, you can record the entire presentation. Capturing the moment in time with high resolution video allows you to send out video copies to attendees so they can hold on to all of the information. Also, this video could also be used to build awareness of your company’s brand. If your presentation could benefit others, you can edit excerpts from it and post it on social media to give your business more authority and drive traffic to your website.

AV equipment rental toms river

Professional AV Equipment Rental

If you are looking to make a serious presentation, it’s best to rent some high-end audio and video equipment. Versatile Event Designs has everything you need to take control of an event and reach your audience. Whether you need a projector or screen for a meeting of five, or a PA system for an audience of 5,000, we will match your needs with the correct equipment and services. Audio/Video is just one service of many designed to provide you with the perfect event. We also offer the services or professional photographers, videographers, DJs, wedding planners and more. Contact us today!

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