Aleene’s Bat Mitzvah Bash

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A twelfth birthday is a big event in the life of a Jewish girl. Turning twelve sends a girl up the hierarchical ladder into adulthood according to Jewish religion, dubbing them a “Bat Mitzvah”. We tend to also call the event held in their honor a Bat Mitzvah. And although it’s a time of celebration and partying among friends and family, it also has serious implications when it comes to better understanding Judaism.

Aleene recently celebrated her Bat Mitzvah with the help of Versatile, who handled the  photography, lighting, and entertainment. Hiring a Bat Mitzvah photographer is so important when it comes to capturing a moment and being able to remember the time for years to come — as this is such a huge milestone in the life of Aleene and other girls out there. Our Bat Mitzvah photographer captured Aleene’s time with her family, her special time with the Torah, as well as when she was more formally inducted into the Jewish religion.

And then the after party began! Friends and more friends flooded in, dressed in their best ready to celebrate and dance with Aleene on her special day. With a great Bat Mitzvah backdrop and lots of smiling faces, both candid and staged pictures were taken to help remember the celebration.

Hiring a professional Bat Mitzvah photographer can make the difference between good and great pictures. At Versatile, we take the time to cater to our clients and help them remember each part of their special day. The decor added to the night as well is an important aspect to consider, as it creates an unforgettable ambiance that all guests will enjoy. Aleene chose her color scheme and our professionals did our best to accommodate and give her the exact look she was going for.

Go above and beyond for your Bat Mitzvah– it only comes once! If you are a parent or guardian of a boy or girl approaching their bar or bat mitzvah give us a call at Versatile and we’ll guide you through the entire process from event planning to decor planning to photography.

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