8 Award-Winning Wedding Photos (And How You Can Land Your Own)

Your wedding photos are what make the day last forever. Even arguably more-so than videos – which are watched rarely and on special occasions.

Wedding photos are poured over in albums that sit idly on side tables, seen by guests when they walk around your home, and often displayed more freely.

If you’re looking for these photos to be particularly impressive, take some inspiration from the award winners.

For more information on how you can land the wedding photo of your dreams, contact your local NJ wedding photographer to discuss ideas.

For now, take some inspiration from these 2015 award winning photos:

Wedding photos

If you’re facing the elements, work with them.

People get very upset when they don’t have a still, blue sunny day for their wedding (no matter what season they’ve planned to walk down the aisle.

If you’re stuck in weather on your wedding day, don’t despair. Work with the elements to land yourself the best wedding photos.

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Don’t worry about getting emotional.

You don’t have to worry about being caught crying, laughing hard, or expressing an intense and very true emotion during your wedding.

Often, these moments are what make the best wedding photos.

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Have your guests participate in the photography fun.

Staged photos are always nice – you’ve taken a long time to make yourself and scenery look perfect, and you’d like to capture it in a structured way.

Don’t forget about the unstructured, and invite your guests into the fun.

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Use the time of day to your advantage.

The sunset, the twilight or any other time of day that you may be having your wedding could be advantageous for some original wedding photos. Don’t be shy about using the sun, or getting creative with lighting.

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Don’t be afraid to showcase your personality.

It’s your wedding – act like it. Show your personality during the day and in front of the camera. Revel in the day that’s just yours, and capture that feeling on camera.

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In some photos, focus on the scenery.

While you are the most important part – you’re not the only part of your day. Focus on the scenery and the little things when you’re taking your wedding photos.

You’ll be glad you took pictures of something other than yourselves.

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Being intimate is the best way to showcase your love.

I know that sometimes it can be uncomfortable, depending on your preferences, but getting intimate in front of the camera on your wedding day is one of the most important and romantic things you can do to make your wedding photos special.

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Don’t forget that you can move.

Shake a little bit on that dance floor, and capture it on the screen. You can definitely move a little bit when you’re in front of the camera and have some fun!

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