7 Photos your Wedding Photographer HAS to Capture

The day you flip through the prints from your wedding, there shouldn’t just be the typical pictures of the first dance at the reception and the “I do’s” at the church or venue. As a bride and groom, you need to make sure that you have hired a wedding photographer who will capture the seemingly minor shots as well. Because looking back, sometimes those are what can give you the most butterflies. Those photos are what can really bring you back to the day of your wedding. Here are some examples of those photos your wedding photographer just HAS to capture:

The Dress

A bride’s wedding dress is the single most spectacular piece of clothing a girl is likely to ever wear, and it deserves its own photo. Your wedding photographer should make a point to hang the dress up on a classy hanger, in good light, and to take a picture of it before you even put it on the morning or afternoon of your big day.Wedding Photographer

The Bridal Bouquet (And Groom’s Boutonniere)

Flowers bring life to a ceremony, and no ceremony would be complete without the countless bouquets and flowers decorating every inch of your venue. So, make sure your wedding photographer knows how important these flowers are to you and make sure he/she gets a good shot of both the bridal bouquet and the groom’s boutonniere…at least! Taking an artsy picture of the table centerpieces at the reception can also be a great memory to have.

The Ceremony Venue (Pre-Guests)

The bride and groom have spent so many thoughtful hours planning specifics for the look of their venue on the day of their special ceremony. So, make sure the wedding photographer gets a solid picture of the ceremony before any guests arrive. It will be a beautiful picture of peace, tranquility, and hope that you can look back on and remember everything you felt before walking down the aisle.

Your Pet

Most of us cannot deny that our pets are a big part of our families, and they deserve to be a part of our wedding day as well. Have your wedding photographer take at least one shot of your pooch or kitten all dressed up for your special day.

The Bridesmaids

For the bride, her girls have been there with her through it all. Through picking out the dress, to writing invitations, to throwing a bachelorette party. And it’s nice to have a shot of just them to remember their hard work and deep friendship throughout this time. Try a casual shot of the bridesmaids pre-ceremony. 

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The Food

The cake, the cake, the cake. All we ever hear about is the cake! But what about that delicious menu you took weeks to choose. Have your wedding photographer take some beautiful close-ups of the entrees you picked, so you can remember the delectable lunch or dinner choices you made for your guests.

Reception from Above

In the midst of the reception, you may not even realize how many people have come out to celebrate you and your significant other. As you dance the night away and greet family members and friends, have your wedding photographer take a beautiful photograph from up above so you can get a sense of just how many people were there enjoying themselves on your special day.

When choosing a wedding photographer, make sure to select one who will take the care and the time to take these special photos. Communication is key, so if any of these shots are extra important to you, don’t be afraid to speak up! Contact us today at Versatile to look into hiring a wedding photographer today.

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