5 Awesome Reasons to Have a Photo Booth at Your Wedding

You’re getting married, and you want your guests to have an awesome time at the wedding. Getting a photo booth for your New Jersey (NJ) wedding is a great way to capture the day, and to have the members of your wedding have a great time.

For more information about how you can have a photo booth at your NJ wedding, contact your local leading event planner and discuss your options.

If you’re still on the fence about whether or not you want to book a photo booth for your big day, check out some of the awesome things you can do with a photo booth at your wedding (mustaches included).

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It gives your guests and opportunity to play with props.

Weddings are always so much fun – there’s eating, dancing and hanging with the loved ones. But sometimes it can help to break up the party a bit with some side activities that the guests can enjoy.

If you’re looking for some fun things for your guests to do while they party on your big day, consider booking a photo booth. You can leave props outside the photo booth for them to use in their photos. Some suggestions include mustached, or signs that say team bride or team groom.

You can capture the moments of your friends and families without a photographer.

Having a wedding photographer is a must – and they will capture many awesome photos from your wedding day. Most of these will be candid, but that’s a good thing. However, it might also be good to collect some of the photos your guests are taking themselves.

You can do this by renting a photo booth for your wedding to encourage guests to take pictures with friends and family. In addition, consider using a hashtag to spread these photos even further, and allow them to be collected later.

It’s an extra activity that your guests can do at the party.

Extra activities are always welcome – your guests are going to be busy participating in toasts, dances and meals with the families and friends. But there’s no better type of wedding activity to participate in than one you can take a keepsake from.

Photo booths allow guests to take home a keepsake in the form of a photo, and allows them to remember your big day even after it has passed.

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Because you want to see everyone you know with a mustache.

Who doesn’t like seeing funny pictures of their friends with props – and that mustache is the best. Get creative with the props you put in your photo booth. Maybe you’re both from the beach and you want to incorporate some shells, or maybe you both work in the same field and can incorporate props from you jobs.

Either way, bringing a photo booth into the wedding livens up the activities and brings the joy of the wedding to everyone.

Because photo booths are classic fun.

Classic fun is the best kind of fun – and a photo booth will bring smiles and memories to your wedding without even trying.

Bring back that feeling of family friendly fun with a photo booth at your wedding, and start collecting memories from your wedding today.

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    My son is trying to find something that will make his wedding more interesting. It makes sense that a photo booth would be really fun! I’ll talk to him to see if he would be interested in having them show up.

  • siaosi

    I would love to have a photo booth at my brothers wedding. I think it would be nice to have something to store the memories. I like how you mentioned it is a must to have a wedding photographer in one way or another.

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