4 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Professional DJ

With all the possible expenses that come with planning a major event (be it a wedding, bar/bat mitzvah, anniversary, work party, etc.) some people look for areas where they can cut down the cost. Maybe a friend of a friend DJs at a small local club on Thursday nights or your second cousin just got an audio mixer for Christmas. Hiring an amateur DJ may initially seem like an attractive option, especially when you consider the bill. However, what you don’t pay for in service may reflect what you get in quality. Hiring a professional DJ alleviates a lot of this worry. The experience and professionalism are often worth the price tag, in more ways than you might realize.

Experienced Entertainers Know How to Keep the Party Moving

A professional DJ likely has significantly more experience than an amateur. Your party won’t be their first rodeo, so to speak. Specifically, he or she will have experience understanding how to keep the party moving.

With many parties, it’s the DJ or MC’s job to announce the chain of events as they happen. If it’s time to cut the cake, make announcements, or make room on the dance floor for the bride and groom, the DJ is often the one getting on the microphone to let everyone know. They must get the order of events correct, and announce them in a firm but friendly way. An amateur DJ whose voice is soft, shaky, and largely ignored is just as bad as one who is abrasive and annoying. Professionals have often received voice training, and know how to say things and when.

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Not only must they keep the party moving through the chain of events, but they also need to keep it flowing with the correct music. A professional DJ varies the music selection based on the type of event, and who will be there. They arrange the songs to flow seamlessly into one another, without any awkward or unintentional breaks or silences. Professionals know that there is an appropriate flow for each type of event. A bot mitzvah is perhaps not the appropriate time to play “Lady Marmalade”, and playing “Love Will Tear Us Apart” is probably not the best choice for a wedding. A fast song shouldn’t change abruptly into a slow song. These are things that a professional DJ knows, but an amateur may not realize.

A Professional DJ is More Invested

Though a professional was once an amateur, they’ve since taken the time and effort required to master their craft. The first couple of gigs for an amateur will be a learning experience, and mistakes will probably happen. Someone who is DJing as a hobby, as opposed to a professional, may be more lackadaisical in their approach and preparation for your event.  

A professional DJ is just that – professional. He or she knows that the success of their business and brand is dependent upon the quality of their service. Therefore, they’re more invested in delivering an excellent product. Nothing is worse than hiring someone who doesn’t take your event seriously. Even for fun events like parties and weddings, you still want to make sure that your DJ is bringing a high level of care and attention.

Professionals Have Developed Problem Solving Skills

Try as we might to prevent them, sometimes problems do occur. A professional DJ has the experience and skill set required to deal with such problems, even if he or she can’t directly fix them. As the entertainer, it’s their job to keep the party moving as if nothing is wrong. Hire a professional DJ, and even if there is a problem behind the scenes, your guests don’t have to know about it.

Maybe grandma fell and hurt her hip. Maybe cousin Brian drank a few too many cocktails and started a fight with one of the groomsmen. Maybe the guest of honor is in a back room with a bad case of stage fright. No matter the situation, it’s the job of the DJ to gloss over it like nothing is amiss. They need to have the skill necessary to make stalling for time feel fun and enjoyable. You don’t want a long period of awkward silence punctuated with the bored shuffling of restless guests while an amateur DJ scrambles to come up with something to fill the unexpected gap.

A professional will have backup playlists and entertainment on the back burning just in case a situation like this arises.

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A Professional DJ Can Incorporate Unique Requests

Just because you provide a set list of important songs to the DJ doesn’t mean those should be the only songs he plays at your event. DJs should be able to incorporate the desired playlist with other songs to make one mood flow seamlessly to the next.

A professional DJ will be able to take your wants and desires, and meld them with other traditional routes to satisfy all guests. The bride and groom may really like Marilyn Manson, but their grandparents probably won’t. Professional entertainers can blend the unique requests of the guests of honor with the expectations of the other guests, and it all seems flawless.

You don’t want an amateur DJ who will only play the songs on the list provided to him, and you certainly don’t want one who treats your son’s bar mitzvah as the opportunity to unveil his new EDM mix to the public. An amateur who works in a club a couple nights a week may not understand the particular ins and outs of religious celebrations or the right and wrong things to do at a wedding.

When you opt for a professional DJ, you’re investing in the quality of your event. You may get a price cut if you hire an amateur, but you could pay the price for the decision in other ways. Ultimately, you don’t want your big event to be an amateur’s learning experience.

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